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Will a local plumber fix a dripping tap?

local plumberA leaky faucet causes water to drip from the faucet even when it’s off. The three main reasons a tap drips are worn washers, damaged o-ring, or corroded valve seats. In this article, we will tell you how local plumber fix a leaky tap.

There are several reasons why it is better to hire a professional local plumber like Emergency Plumber Liverpool:

  • Professionals know what’s causing the dripping tap and can fix it.
  • Plumber have all the tools and replacement parts they need, saving you from having to buy them yourself.

How the local plumber, fix a dripping tap?

A local plumber typically follows a systematic approach to fix a dripping tap. Here are the common steps they take:

Turn Off the Water Supply

Locate the Shut-off Valve: The plumber will find locate the shut-off valve for the tap, which is usually under the sink. If there isn’t one, they may need to turn off the main water supply.

Turn Off the Water: To stop water from flowing to the tap, turn off the valve. 

Drain the Tap

To remove any remaining water from the pipes, the plumber will open the tap and allow any trapped water to flow out.

Remove the Tap Handle

They’ll look for screws that keep the tap handle in place. These can be pried off from decorative caps that hide them.

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws and tap handle.

Access the Valve or Cartridge

If there is a cover or bonnet nut, it should be removed with an adjustable wrench or spanner.

The plumber will remove the valve or cartridge carefully.

Inspect and Replace Faulty Parts

The plumber inspects the valve or cartridge and the washers for any signs of wear and tear.

If any parts are damaged or worn, they will be replaced. This includes washers, O-rings, or the entire valve/cartridge.

Reassemble the Tap

The plumber will reposition the newly installed or repaired valve or cartridge back into the faucet.

Replace the cover/bonnets and handle by reattaching them, ensuring that all screws are securely tightened.

Turn On the Water Supply

The plumber turns on the water supply again and looks for any leaks.

What causes a tap to drip?

Worn-out washers or O-ring are rubber components inside the tap that create a watertight seal. As time passes, these parts can weaken, deteriorate, or lose their elasticity, causing water to leak around the tap.

If the tap’s connections become loose or if parts like valves or seals get damaged, water can leak through and cause dripping. Wear and tear, or improper maintenance, can cause loose parts.

A high water pressure in your plumbing system puts a lot of stress on the tap’s parts. This increased pressure can lead to leaks and drips.

In hard water areas, minerals like calcium and magnesium can build up in the tap. These deposits can cause problems with how much water flows.

Why Should a Local Plumber Fix Your Dripping Tap?

Here are the most common reasons why you should have a professional fix your dripping tap:

Expertise: Professional plumbers have the knowledge and experience to find the underlying issue causing your tap to drip accurately.

Quality repairs: To make sure repairs last a long time, experts use good materials and special tools. This helps prevent leaks in the future and keeps your plumbing working well.

Time-saving: Hiring a professional plumber will save you the time and effort of typing to fix the tap yourself. 

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